ReferCoins - very cool service for earning cryptocurrency

Hello! Today I will tell you about a very cool and proven service where you can earn cryptocurrency for simple actions! Here is a link to this wonderful site

On the site you need to go through a simple registration, it takes very little time! You just enter your real name, username, email address and password. Next, you need to click on the link that came to your email address, this activates our account.

Once you activate your account, you can begin to perform paid tasks. There are currently five tasks. Tasks are paid in bitcoins, which is very convenient! Tasks begin with simple ones, such as retweeting tweets with tags. To complex ones like recording a video review. Accordingly, the payment is also different. At the very beginning, we must provide a link to your account / channel, and if you meet all the requirements, then you are allowed to do the work. Works are checked very quickly. For example, I was checked only an hour or two. After that, payment for the task is sent to your internal wallet, from which you can already withdraw funds to your own wallet. The withdrawal of your earned money to external wallets is also well developed. Withdrawals take only one, maximum two days.

There are currently five tasks:

Refercoins looks like a promising platform that solves a huge problem for bounty hunters: tracking all your rewards and getting money in cryptocurrency that really has a monetary value! I participated in many bounty projects, but they either did not pay, or their coin did not start trading on exchanges. With Refercoins, I can be sure that I will get paid for my work! I am sure that in the future this service will enter the top5 services for bounty hunters and a lot of people will use it!

I really liked this service. And even taking into account the fact that it was launched not so long ago, just a few months ago, it is already very developed, and tasks are checked very quickly! And I also like that the withdrawal of funds to the wallet also happens quite quickly, in just one day! I hope the project will have many followers, they deserve it! Here is a link to this site

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