Nash is a fintech company using blockchain

Hello everyone! Today I will tell you about a very cool and convenient Nash exchange —!

About Nash

The Nash Exchange project is considered relatively new. It began to function fully in March 2019. Although the company was established back in 2017.

Nash raised over 20 million USD in our public security token offering and over 10 million USD from leading venture capital firms.

The mission of this project is to provide decentralized financing for all.
The project team wants to make it easier for people to invest and trade in digital assets, and also wants to make finances transparent through decentralization.

The main objective of the project was:

  • Attracting investment.
  • Making payments using digital assets.
  • Cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Full decentralization and legalization.

Nash is not just a stock exchange, it is a multi-platform that is both a stock exchange and a token creator. It is based on the NEO blockchain.

Nash presents itself as the safest and most convenient financial platform.

Nash is proud to be backed by market-leading investment firms.


Among their partners are companies such as Neo Global Capital, Fathom Labs, Aria 256 and more!


The founders of the new platform were 5 founders from the largest cryptocommunity developers of City of Zion:

  • Fabio Canesin;
  • Fabian Wahle;
  • Ethan Fast;
  • Luciano Engel;
  • Thomas Saunders.

Exchange Features

The main difference between Nash Exchange is decentralization. Most cryptocurrency exchanges act as an intermediary and participate as a third party, while Nash offers an independent exchange, which is carried out through an application or exchanger.

Transactions can be accessed on any sites that support dApps or NashPay — its own exchange protocol.

It is worth teaching that NashPay also acts as an identifier that provides additional security when making any payments.

An important feature of the platform is a significant simplification of work and operations. Nash Exchange is designed for users who do not have an understanding or knowledge of blockchain technology.

I would like to note that Nash will have to compete with the largest Binance platform, which also launched a decentralized DEX exchange, which is based on the Binance Chain blockchain. According to forecasts, the main competition will be between Nash Exchange and the Binance Chain. But competition is always good, and contributes to progress!

NEX Token

The main feature of the token is that it not only provides speculative opportunities, but is also able to generate stable income.

Buying a token allows you to fix a certain amount of cryptocurrency on a kind of deposit, receiving dividends from this. You can buy NEX both on the site itself and on other exchangers.

Moreover, profitability is ensured not only by the size of the contribution of each investor, but also by the total profit of the exchange. It proceeds from a certain share of exchange fees when exchanging cryptocurrencies, after which it is credited to the user’s account.

It is important to consider that the NEX token is approved by the FMA of Liechtenstein (Financial Market Authority), which makes it the first crypto exchange tool registered in Europe. NEX is classified as a security and enjoys all the relevant advantages in the form of protection against fraud, trade manipulation, as well as insider trading.


Personally, I really liked this site and I’m going to actively use it!

The idea and philosophy of the site was very well received by many participants, especially against the background of a certain impasse and stagnation in the development of other exchanges.

Nevertheless, Nash Exchange is still considered an innovator, and the technology itself is still far from the final stage of development. Moreover, competition with the decentralized exchange from Binance also affects the development of the platform.

Nash Exchange opens an alternative to classic market manipulations in the form of storing assets in the account. Attracting investors and the possibility of investing in the form of long-term deposits has prospects, but not without exception, risks.

Website —




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Андрей Суханов

криптоактивист, филантроп, playboy

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