Goldfinch — crypto loans without collateral!

I want to take apart a cool project goldfinch, which I analyzed in great detail and am completely sure that it is worth your attention! This project is still developing, but it is already ready to compete with fully working projects from the field of crypto lending! The project has an excellent experienced team, as well as no less excellent investors who will help them in development! Let’s get started.

About the project

With Goldfinch, you can borrow from the platform without collateral! This opportunity opens up access to cryptocurrency lending for most people in the world. The platform itself is completely decentralized, which is very important for any cryptocurrency project!

Goldfinch is expanding access to capital in emerging markets, where cryptocurrency can really expand access to financial services.

The protocol already serves thousands of borrowers in India, Mexico, Nigeria and Southeast Asia and the number of clients is growing steadily!

I personally invested my money in the protocol, which they can use to issue loans to their clients, and for this I get about 10% per annum. The platform has several pools with profitability ranging from 10 to 15% per annum.

How It Works

Liquidity Providers provide capital to the Senior Pool. The protocol automatically allocates the senior pool among the senior tranches of the borrower’s pools. The Borrowers then offer pools for valuation by the sponsors, and the sponsors provide capital to the junior tranches of the Borrower Pools.

Everything is very easy to understand and it is immediately clear how the protocol works and where your money goes!

Mission of the project

The project is creating a decentralized lending platform that allows large numbers of people to access financial services.

The project team believes that there is a huge untapped lending potential in the world. Today it is expensive to be a bank and this limits the range of lenders available. But there are thousands, if not millions, who could lend with the right system. They create a platform that enables anyone, not just banks, to become a lender.








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Андрей Суханов

Андрей Суханов

криптоактивист, филантроп, playboy

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